Iva Perez

Iva PĂ©rez

Experience Design Practice Lead @ Emakina.BE







Iva has been a jammer since 2014. She has hosted and mentored at more than seven GSJam and GOVJam editions at Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Ghent.

As a background, she has more than 15 years of experience in technology, business, and design strategy. As an Electronics engineer, she went from building tech to selling tech as B2B Partner and business developer. Her main focus was defining business models around Wireless infrastructures and software (SaaS). For the last ten years, she has leveraged tech’s power to create and deliver meaningful experiences applying Design Thinking. As a self-trained Service Designer, she also assists companies in preparing themselves to provide concrete experiences to their users.

She is currently leading a talented multidisciplinary team of UX Designers, Service Designers, Content Designers, XD/UX researchers, and Design Strategists @Emakina Belgium, focused on designing meaningful products and services that deliver happiness.

Fun facts:

  • She studied radio broadcasting as a hobby and had a talk show on a Catalan local station for three years.
  • She was a LittleBits educator and ambassador, sharing her love for electronics encouraging kids to learn about technology.
  • She interviewed the creators of the JAM when Emakina launched its online radio station to connect with their employers during the initial year of the pandemic. Listen to her brain-waves show episode here:
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